2017 BMW 750i xDrive Exterior

2017 BMW 750i xDrive – Review

Adopting the phrase, “luxury reinvented” the BMW 750i xDrive is giving its drivers a taste of future. The most impressive aspects of this car aren’t even directed at the driver.

Adopting the phrase, “luxury reinvented” the BMW 750i xDrive is giving its drivers a taste of future. The most impressive aspects of this car aren’t even directed at the driver. You may want to hire someone to drive you while you enjoy the roof light show and entertainment screen. This vehicle lays out an LED carpet for you as you walk towards the door. BMW has flooded this car with features to make a statement against its biggest competitor the Mercedes S-Class. It has succeeded. Accompanied by a monumental list of features are a superb driving experience and enhanced performance.

With a 4.4L twin turbo engine, this BMW 750i bolsters 445 horsepower. The sound transmitting from the exhaust demonstrates the sheer power of this machine with the appropriate luxury sound level inside the vehicle. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum, accompanied with carbon fiber accents in the body making this luxury sedan incredibly light. These innovations will reduce your co2 emissions by 25%. Fuel efficiency is decent, using the stop and start feature; the BMW 750i has a fuel rating of 14.7/100km City and 9.7. Air vents and radiator grille automatically controls the air flow to the engine bay as well as providing aerodynamics and efficiency.

Do yourself a favor and take a test drive of this BMW 750i xDrive, at night time. Wait, scratch that. Get a friend or loved one to drive this vehicle at night, while you kick back and enjoy the backseat. Like I said the most impressive aspect of this car is not directed at the person behind the wheel. BMW has put an onslaught on your senses. Beginning with smell, the 750i provides a fragrance ionizer. Its driver and passengers are treated to fermented scents all controlled by the display to increase or decrease the strength. The sense of touch; well, the display screens behind the seats, front display, and removable tablet-(yeah, removable!) all are touch screen activation. Allowing for controlling of entertainment and functionality to be conducted throughout. Did I also mention a key fob display that may be a bit unnecessary, but a unique feature that publishes a variety of vehicle information. Controlling some of the display screens can even be conducted by gestures. For your sight, an increased size of the heads up display is a subtle but valuable improvement. Taking a page from Rolls Royce, BMW has an interior light show cascading the entire roof and siding. Colors are changeable of course. Bower and Wilkens surround system will do any song justice and provides crisp quality for your hearing pleasure. This brings me to the last sense of taste. You are probably thinking to yourself; no way have they had something for that as well. Even though it isn’t highlighted anywhere in regards to this vehicle, nor have I tried it myself, but try giving the luscious leather a lick.

The overall drive of this vehicle was fantastic. It does, however, have a minor jerk when pushing the gas to take off, however, resulting in a lag. The BMW 750i has new innovative engineering with the suspension adjustments. It contains a new adaptive mode that dynamically shifts looseness suspension as you are driving which I recommend should be the default. By default it drives in a comfort setting, giving it a balloon type feel. Overall though it is a technically advanced vehicle with a list of features longer than a Donald Trump’s bizarre tweeting record. (Maybe not.) My only critique of the vehicle would be the lack of innovation to the exterior of the vehicle. I can understand keeping the classic BMW look, but maybe something with the grill or rear to have slick appearance would be good. Never the less, it’s an inventive piece of German engineering well worth the sticker price, or a test drive if you aren’t high class.

Key Features:

  • Price:$132,600
  • Monumental list of interior features
  • 13.9/100km City
  • 9.1/100km Highway 
  • 4.4L Twin Turbo V8
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