2018 Honda Civic Type R - Exterior

2018 Honda Civic Type R – Review

In the automotive industry, they rarely make fun cars anymore. The markets are understandably catered to family vehicles, fuel efficiency, or luxury. The Honda Civic Type R isn’t going to necessarily fit any of those needs. The Civic Type R is just one of those fun cars.

This radical Civic looks like it received a Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift makeover. Honda has fulfilled a successful front-drive formula. This is evident when the Civic Type R smashed the front-wheel-drive production-car lap record at the esteemed Nürburgring. Impressively this upgraded Civic lapped the 12.9 mile course in 7:43.80; the next closest came 3.39 seconds behind (Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S).  Credit not only goes to the tremendous power infused into the Type R, but the complete tuning into the suspension and frame. The over the top styling may be a little to in your face that some might love or hate, the drivability is unquestionable.

A running joke amongst Honda Civic drivers is the VTECH® system. For many years Civic drivers have comically thanked there VTECH® for the improved efficiency of their four stroke engine as well as the ability to reach 100km/hr after a couple minutes. Well, this Honda Civic Type R is no joke. Propelled by a direct injected, 16 valve VTECH®, 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing a whopping 306 horsepower and 295LB-ft of torque this Civic is something drivers can actually brag about. The transmission is a short-throw manual six-speed with rev-match control. Feeding the front wheels without losing traction through its limited-slip differential. The rev-match control enhances the manual experience by automatically optimizing the engine revs to match the desired gear for smooth transitions. Three drive modes (Comfort, Sport, R+) will adjust these settings, the adaptive damper system, alter steering and tune the throttle response.

The styling is an acquired taste that I’m still trying to swallow. There are some aspects I absolutely love, and others that I feel like are too much. I’ll start with the interior. First thing you notice is the unique bucket seats, double stitched in red suede allowing you to become one with the car and providing a stable and comfortable setting. Accompanying the red theme scattered throughout is the solid aluminum additions to the shift knob, and pedals. A particular personal serial number plate is also located next to the gearshift, allowing proud Civic owners to belong to the limited edition club. Moving to the exterior, you will notice the winged spoiler and body kit. While the functional winged additions provided major credit for the aerodynamics behind the record setting lap time, the demeanor of this Civic seems too overdone. Triple center exhaust, badging and 20” aluminum-alloy wheels are all excellent features that capture the spirit of a performance Honda.

When a daily commuter vehicle can set a track record as well as get you to work on time, which is nothing short of incredible. You will first notice the tremendous acceleration and smooth grip handling. Do yourself a favor and flip the toggle to R+ in order to truly drive this car how it was intended. When the gauge turns an aggressive red, a more advanced rev matching kicks in for effortless shifting. The handling is equally impressive. Tight gripping around the hardest corners is tremendous and comfortable. The low profile tires and stance however, isn’t desirable on the rougher terrains and major bumps. Honda had also slapped on some Brembo® high-performance four piston calipers with heart stopping technology are made for stopping on a dime. In test results the Type R substantially stopped 15 feet less than its Golf and Focus RS rival.

Finally Honda Civic fans can rejoice with an actual factory modified Civic they can brag about.

Key Features:

  • Starting $41,090
  • 2.0-litre, Direct injection, 16 valve VTECH®, turbocharged 4-cyclinder
  • 306 Horsepower and 295lb.ft Torque
  • 6/100km City and 8.3/100km Highway
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