2018 INFINITI Q60 – Automotive Review

Offering both a 2.0L and 3.0L engines in 5 different model options all with stunting sharp, slick body lines -- the INFINITI Q60 has all the pieces to the puzzle for a great sports coupe. While the Q50 is the popular sports sedan, the Q60 stands apart with its compact coupe design with a clear focus on the driver.


The interior is on point. The front seat/cockpit is snug, driver-focused and functional. I never found myself overreaching for controls. The infotainment system is simple but a little cluttered. The leather seats are designed to keep your hands at 10 and 2 while being comfy enough for long drives. The rear seats are not easy to get in and out of but, that usually isn’t one’s concern when shopping for a 2-door car. Coupes, in general, usually have a problem with visibility and blind spots, but with the Around View® Monitor and the Moving Object Detection, it is no longer an issue in the Q60.

In my opinion, the major 2017 redesign of the Q60 exterior made it one of the best-looking coupes on the market. With the competition featuring massive mouthy grills and deep cut and swooping body lines, the Q60 is organic and eye-catching at the same time. Compact, sporty, with a low, mean stance, and you’ve got yourself a car that looks like it’s in its own league.


The Q60 comes with 3 pretty much different engines, but only one of them really matters. The new 400 hp 3.0-litre twin turbo V6, found only on the INFINITI Q60 Red Sport. The main difference is having a boost pressure of 14.7 psi, versus 9.5 psi for the 300-horsepower version. The impressive twin-turbo system enabled smooth and immediate responses under both careful and aggressive acceleration. The 100 hp will set you back almost $10,00 CND, but the 12.5 city/9.2hwy L/100km is only is almost the same as the standard 3.0l. V6.

The AWD system is clever and adaptive and if you want a bit more excitement there is an RWD option, but it is only available in the USA. Around corners, the Q60 stays planted with minimal body roll, but in the city, the ride isn’t the smoothest. The steering and suspension have been a common criticism, many saying it “feels numb”, and that is to do with INFINITI’s Direct Adaptive Steering. Essentially, DAS is a steering setup with no physical connection, just sensors, and switches. The system is constantly, automatically making subtle adjustments to increase stability but at the cost of feeling the road. The good thing about the DAS setup is that you can adjust the steering via the vehicle settings to fit your needs best. But no matter how much you adjust and tinker with the steering, it comes second in my mind to the feeling of a mechanical setup.


The Q60 is an eye-catching vehicle no doubt, but is 400hp worth the $60,000? With team Germany offering the comparably priced 320hp BMW 4 Series Coupe, and the 362hp Mercedes AMG C 43, the INFINITI Q60 represents a viable alternative to the leaders in sports coupes. I can say with confidence that (in my opinion), the Q60 has the competition on the ropes in the styling department. My final thought is that the Q60 is a great car, looks incredible and the engine sounds mean without being rambunctious and obnoxious. Its luxurious inside the cabin and is quiet on the highway, the steering situation can be something you get used to, the Q60 is worth a test drive for anyone looking for a sporty 2 door car.

Key Features

  • Starting at $46,295 CND for Q60 2.0T PURE AWD
    • $61,295 for the Q60 RED SPORT 400 AWD
  • Around View Monitor® (AVM) with Moving Object Detection (MOD)
  • Available twin-turbo V6 that can put up to 400 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 350 lb-ft maximum torque at 1,600-5,200 rpm
  • With up to 336 customizable driver settings on the INFINITI Drive Mode Selector
  • The worldwide debut of the new Bose® Performance Series Audio System with Advanced Staging Technology
  • INFINITI Total Ownership Experience
    • Trip Interruption Benefits covering meal, lodging, and transportation costs if you break down more than 100 km from home
    • 24-hour Roadside Assistance
    • Complimentary Service Loan Car when you drop off your INFINITI for warranty repair
  • Basic Coverage is 48 months or 100,000 kilometers, (whichever comes first), for all parts and components of new INFINITI vehicles
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