2018 Range Rover Sport SVR – Automotive Review

The Range Rover Sport SVR, a thoroughbred English racehorse SUV, that is good enough for the royal family.

It’s no wonder we see so many luxury car manufactures releasing super high-performance SUV’s. I mean what’s not to love? Besides the fact that the whole idea seems to run counter to everything we know about sports cars. Take a look at the styling of almost every supercar.. Low to the ground, aerodynamic, lightweight, minimal features and creature comforts. However “we have the technology!” with the blank cheques from companies like Range Rover, engineers all over the world have been working around the clock to develop superpowered, ultra luxury SUV’s like the Range Rover Sport SVR

The iconic English brand has a long history of luxury and sophistication, for example, Queen Elizabeth II’s herself is a big fan, having a relationship with Land Rover that extends back to 1948, when her father King George VI was presented with the 100th production vehicle. The Range Rover Sport SVR stands proudly on that history as the highest refinement of production Land Rover technology. The SUV is built in the SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) state-of-the-art facility – (the Jaguar Land Rover Center of Excellence), which is located near Coventry, England about an hour and a half drive north of London.

“SVO is about pushing boundaries and making vehicles that stand out. These are not just great-looking vehicles. We make outstanding vehicles. Vehicles with real substance and real integrity”

- John Edwards Managing Director of SVO

The SVR is the most expensive production Range Rover available.  With an incredible 575 HP V8 supercharged engine, capable of sending the SUV racing down the road from 0-100km/hr. in 4.5 seconds, making it also the fastest Range Rover created.

Having that much power in an SUV might seem absurd, but when you mate it to an ultra-luxury SUV with all the latest features, technology and comforts you really get the best of everything that the industry has to offer. I mean sure you won’t be able to beat that similarly powered 575hp Jaguar F-Type SVR coupe on a racetrack but believe me… going 0-100 in under 5 seconds is way more than enough for 99.9% of the driving this vehicle will ever do. Plus, with the switchable Active Sports Exhaust, featuring a two-stage active exhaust system letting you set the V8 exhaust notes truly free, allowing you can roll up to any situation as if you were driving a Formula One Racecar

The features of the Range Rover Sport SVR are designed to be either in your face or so refined that you barely even notice them heightening the entire experience. Examples of this refinement can be found in things like the Automatic Access height, which lowers the vehicle slightly helping you to get in and out of the vehicle when parked. As well as the almost $5000 Meridian Signature Sound System, with 28 speakers and 1700 watts. The system tailors the sound experience to the precise acoustics of your Range Rover’s interior and with the Trifield 3D Technology the cabin space is expanded to a 3D audio experience. For a more public display of affluence, available features like the $10,000 carbon fiber exterior package complete with carbon fiber trim and hood, matched with the $10,000 Special SVR paints including chroma and pearl will make you easily stand out from the rest of us plebs.

Key Features:

  • Starting at $133,000 CND
  • V8 Supercharged Engine with 575hp and 700 lb-ft torque
  • Maximum speed 283 km/h
  • Acceleration 4.5 (secs) 0-100km/h
  • Fuel tank capacity – usable 104 liters
  • Cargo space volume Rear Seat Upright 780 liters
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