2019 Ford Expedition – Automotive Review

First light on a sunny summer Saturday morning, a hint of smoke in the air from the wildfires burning in the North, We set out on our Expedition to Vancouver Island in the 2019 Ford Expedition.

Enough room for six of us to fit quite comfortably. I like the fact the second row had the optional bucket seats without a center console; third-row passengers can quickly get out without having to move the second seat. The seats did have the tilt and slide option, but it wasn’t required. Arrived at the Horseshoe bay terminal early and gave them our reservation number, I can’t imagine taking a chance without reservations especially these days with so much traffic coming and going from the island. A short wait, and we soon found ourselves on board the Coastal Renaissance ferry. After a few hours we had crossed the Straight Georgia and were ready to disembark. Using the Ford voice-activated navigation system, I entered our next destination, Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park in Parksville. Heading through Nanaimo and onto the island highway I noticed how smooth the acceleration was and how quick the ten-speed transmission shifted. Powered by a 3.5L EcoBoost engine the Expedition produces 400hp and 480 lb-ft of torque, which provides plenty of power for this vehicle. The Rathtrevor Park is 347 hectares in size, which includes 2 kilometers of coastline and a magnificent sandy beach.

We spent some time just walking along the shore and looking at all the views, but there was more to see, so off we went. Heading west we entered Cathedral Grove and were surrounded by 75m tall Douglas Fir trees. I could only imagine what the first explorers thought when they first came across these magnificent trees. The first Ford Expedition came out in 1997 to replace the full-size Bronco. The base model came with a 4.6L V8 that produced 215hp and fuel economy that would have you thinking twice before you drove it. Despite this the Expedition has been one of the longest-lasting vehicles on the road. We were hiking along the trails through all the green moss and boston ferns with the towering trees going up what seems like forever. Nature gives us a sense of being at peace, and everybody was silent as we walked just taking in all the beauty. We passed a few people, and I don’t think they even noticed us as they too were in awe with the scenery.

We followed the trail back to our vehicle and continued with a quick stop in Port Alberni to get some supplies and then on to Tofino. Following the Pacific Rim Highway we made our way to Sprout Lake, which is home for the Martin Mars Water Bombers. If you find yourself with some time on your next trip to Tofino, stop at the visitor center on Bomber Base Road, and you will be amazed at how big these planes are. Just before Tofino you drive through Pacific Rim National Park Reserve with great views of beaches and ocean waves. A few minutes later you enter Tofino. Lots to see and do here, walks along the beach, hiking trails through the forest and just hanging out with people that know how to take life more relaxed and enjoy, I wish we had planned for more time but our day has come to an end, so we headed back to the grind. The hustle and bustle of our daily lives, which is Vancouver, but we will never forget to reflect on our Expedition and look forward to our next.

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