2019 Jeep Wrangler – Review

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler has come a long way from the 1942 Willys military Jeep. Although Jeep has never forgotten its roots, it’s a long drive down the bumpy road to balance technological advancements while still retaining the Jeep look. I think Jeep has done just that very well.

Jeep is an iconic symbol that many recognize, an open air 4-wheel drive vehicle that can take its occupants on an adventure in the back country or travel down a highway in comfort.  The iconic folding windshield has been improved and features a new 4 bolt design at the top of the frame to allow it to fold down quickly. The a-pillars stay in place to allow the rearview mirror to remain.

The instrument panel features a soft touch surface and all controls are easily accessible by the driver, and the new push button start is weatherproof.  Featuring a Uconnect multimedia center that works with iPhone to activate Apple CarPlay and allowing the driver to easily access music, make calls and send/receive text all from the touch screen.

The sport model features 17” black steel wheels while the other models feature 17” aluminum rims. The only exception to that is the Unlimited Sahara that has 18” polished aluminum wheels. 8 way manual adjust driver’s seat with 2 way manual lumbar seats are the norm with some models featuring premium cloth material. Standard 8 speaker audio system om most with an optional Alpine premium audio system on the Sport S, Rubicon, Unlimited Sport S and Unlimited Sahara.

With 6 models and 3 engine choices, Jeep has something for everybody.


Advanced multistage front and supplemental seat mounted side airbags. Electronic stability control with hill start assist, roll mitigation, traction control and trailer sway control are some of the great safety features of this vehicle.  

Fuel Economy

10.5L/100 km  9.4L/100 km City/Highway


3 engine choices. A 2.0L I-4 DOHC Direct-Injection Turbocharged engine with eTorque technology, 270 horse power and 295 lb ft of torque mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. 3.6L PentastarTM VVT V6 with Engine Stop/Start technology delivering 285 horsepower and 260 lb ft of torque coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission. 3.6L Pentastar VVT V6 with ESS Technology and 8-speed automatic transmission.

The Drive

On road driving was comfortable and everything easily within reach, I found the seats a bit tight on the sides but that wasn’t a big issue. Throttle response was quick and made passing on the highway a breeze. I decided the head to a logging road in the valley to test out the suspension. Small potholes were easily swallowed up by the shocks and suspension but some of the bigger rocks forced the springs into the bump stops. A quick speed adjustment improved that situation.  I came across a branch road that had not been used for a while and according to the map it leads to a bridge across the river. A quick shift into low range and a bit of rock crawling, the bridge came into view, or what was left of a bridge. Completely overgrown with trees and many winters have eaten away at the cedar logs. I stayed for a while gazing into the creek to see if I could spot a fish. It wasn’t too long when the sun ducked behind the peek and a dark shadow was cased over the valley, so I climbed back in to the Jeep and back down to the main road. Although my trip wasn’t epic it was a good day. That is the thing about Jeeps; you can have an adventure whenever you want. If you don’t get it that’s ok, it’s a Jeep thing!

80 percent of the earth is covered by water, Jeep covers the rest


  • 3 year – 60,000km basic
  • 5 year – 100,000km powertrain limited
  • 24 hr- roadside assistance

Price (CAD)

  • Sport $33,695
  • Sport S $37,645
  • Rubicon $46,095
  • Unlimited Sport S $ 41,495
  • Unlimited Sahara $45,495
  • Unlimited Rubicon $48,495
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