Conquest Vehicles – Automotive Review

The Walking Dead may be just a TV show, but I know more than a few of us are spending sleepless nights wondering if we should prepare for what’s to come.. you know when the shit really hits the fan.

Do you really want to bug out in a plug-in Prius? William Maizlin is a Canadian entrepreneur who started the company; Conquest Vehicles Inc. Headquartered in Toronto, this facility houses some of the best engineers, fabricators, and technicians in the country. They build the ultimate, fully armored, ultra-luxurious SUV called the Knight XV. This extreme vehicle is not just a survival vehicle, but an impressive high-end machine. Catering to some of the wealthiest people on the planet that require all the comforts they are used too while knowing they will be protected on their way to a family barbeque while driving past the local ISIS terrorists or Mexican kidnappers.

There are two models to choose from. The Knight XV and the Evade. The Evade is there latest vehicle. The vehicle starts off as a Ford F550 chassis. The cab is removed and the custom built exoskeleton is installed. Everything is custom, right down to the door handles, steering wheel, and running boards that are CNC’d from stainless steel and billet aluminum. It offers a rugged military look on the outside with a pampered limousine-style interior. The seats are covered in Andrew Muirhead leather and can be adjusted to just about any position. The interior features wool carpet, slide out workstations, center console that holds an iPad (which can control most of the features on this vehicle), suede headliner, sunroof, slide out drawer with glasses and room for your favorite scotch, Sony PS4, built-in humidor for cigars, and a 32 inch flat screen TV that can be raised or lowered by the iPad.

Now how does it drive? well considering it is twice the size of a Hummer H2 I would say great at straight lines, but William says it is easy to maneuver around and handles just like a full-size SUV. With a full air suspension underneath and automatic leveling ability, the vehicle can travel down the highway without spilling its passenger’s drinks. The Armored version has a V7 rating, meaning it can stop an armor-piercing bullet at close range and the undercarriage can survive a hand grenade explosion, perfect for traveling through downtown Kabul on a pleasant Afghanistan night.

If you are still wondering who would buy such a vehicle, the answer might surprise you. CEO’s of companies wanting something different, automotive collectors, and professional athletes, in the North American market. However, the clientele gets more diverse with the orders from China, South Africa, and the Middle East. The Saudi Royal family bought one and had it air shipped to them costing 50K in transportation. The company’s goal is to increase production from 20 vehicles per year to 100 with the Evade being featured in many automotive magazines around the world.

With a starting price of $579,000 USD, I’m not sure how many you will see on the streets of Vancouver.

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