Jared Syrenne

Jared Syrenne

- Founder - Writer - Chief Editor - Tech Solutions
Growing up, nothing moved fast enough, until I got my first car...
Now you can be sure to find me making noise and turning heads in anything with an engine

2017 Jaguar XE Exterior

2017 Jaguar XE S – Review

Takes the idea of “fun to drive” very seriously
The Jaguar XE is a new addition to the Jaguar stable and is positioned as an entry to the impressive Jaguar lineup.

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2017 Toyota 86 Exterior

2017 Toyota 86 – Review

The rebranded “86” is a refreshing addition to extremely limited Toyota RWD lineup.
Born from the ashes of the now dead Scion brand, the 86 is the reincarnate of the FRS.

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2017 Toyota Corolla Exterior Blue

2017 Toyota Corolla – Review

Jack of all trades but a master of none. The new 2017 Corolla ranks high on durability and offers many features for its modest price tag, but excitement was not included on that list.

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