2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – Automotive Review

The SUV has come a long way from what we see today. Before they were called SUV’s we had the International Scout, Chevy Blazer, and the Ford Bronco. These were a great way to take your whole family four-wheeling, camping or on a family holiday. Like everything, things evolve, and improve in an attempt to make our lives better. The sky-high price of fuel has meant re-evaluating the length and cost of our outdoor adventures. Well not anymore, introducing the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the world’s most technically advanced 4WD plug-in hybrid SUV.

Three models to choose from, SE S-AWC, SE S-AWC Touring and GT S-AWC.

The interior is very similar to the standard Outlander, it seats 5 comfortably and everything is well laid out. You can monitor your battery level and fuel consumption along with selecting phone and music options. Available in the Outlander PHEV are two AC power outlets located in the rear seat and cargo area. These standard plugs draw directly from the drive battery and provide 1,500 watts of electric power, perfect for any outdoor activity requiring a little power.

EV Drive Mode

In the EV Drive Mode, the Outlander PHEV is driven in a very eco-friendly performance mode by the two electric motors, with energy being supplied exclusively by the lithium-ion drive battery pack (100 percent electric-powered). This mode is excellent for running errands and performing daily family duties

Series Hybrid Mode

When the energy level remaining in the lithium-ion drive battery pack is low or when the need arises for a sudden and/or an additional degree of acceleration, the two electric motors are powered by the battery pack and provided additional electricity by the gasoline-powered generator hence, “hybrid” mode.

In this configuration, the gasoline-powered generator helps charge the lithium-ion drive battery pack and provides additional power to the pair of electric motors

Parallel Hybrid Mode

In this drive mode, the Outlander PHEV uses the gasoline engine to drive the front wheels; the front axle features a built-in clutch that switches the system to Parallel Drive Mode mainly for engine-powered travel at high speeds. The two electric motors positioned at the front and rear, operate seamlessly when additional power is required, such as driving uphill. The gasoline-powered engine/generator will feed any excess energy back into the lithium-ion battery pack.


The Outlander PHEV can be easily charged three ways. Standard at home 120V outlet (13 hours for 8 amps and 8 hours for 12 amps). Public or home 240V outlet (4 hours) or DC fast charging public charging facilities which will charge up to 80 percent capacity in less than 30 minutes.


Blind spot warning system, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision mitigation, lane departure warning and multi-view camera system


280 hp electric motors offering 101 lb-ft of torque for the front axle and 144 lb-ft of torque at the rear


  • 10-year or 160,000 km powertrain warranty
  • 10-year/160,000 km lithium-ion battery warranty
  • Five-year or 100,000 km comprehensive warranty.

Fuel economy

  • 5.1L/100 Kilometers
  • Full electric mode expect to see a 37 Kilometer range
  • Total combined driving range of approximately 50 Kilometers 


When driving a hybrid or electric hybrid such as this you find yourself obsessed over saving fuel. It is almost like playing a video game, trying to beat your top score. I personally enjoy driving SUV’s because of the truck like feel and space for my family and things. Finally seeing a reliable PHEV option in an SUV like this Mitsubishi Outlander is something I am excited about, and fully support.


Starting at $42,998 CND

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