Jamie Burgis

Jamie Burgis

Yamaha Roadstar Warrior – Guest Review

Guest writer Jamie Burgis take us for a cruise on the powerful, yet comfortable Yamaha Roadstar Warrior

I start with a quick walk of the vehicle. My first impressions of the motorcycle; I noticed the long sleek lines, curvature of the body, and powerful stance. It looks fast standing still. This motorcycle would fall in the class of sport cruiser, trying to offer a good amount of power along with comfortability for longer rides. When you first get on the bike, you notice it feels like a hefty bike with a long wheelbase and a substantial weight. I find the saddle large, comfortable, and they make you feel secure. This model also includes a small stock passenger seat. The handlebars are quite agreeable, just below shoulder height for me. The mirrors are reasonable in size and are well-positioned, which is essential as it provides excellent visibility. Seeing well and being seen are important parts of feeling confident on any bike. The rest of the controls and display are well laid out and easy to read but sadly no gas gauge.

I headed out on a beautiful spring morning, the feeling of the crisp, clean air and the sun on my shoulders was invigorating. Feeling free as a bird as I glided along, secure in the comfort of the symbiotic relationship between man and machine. A feeling of peaceful joy came over me, rolling down the twists, turns, and straightaways of a long scenic country road. Childlike glee as I twisted the throttle braced against the wind. It was such a relaxing feeling being able to live in the moment, only focusing on the ride and the road ahead. All the stresses of daily life quickly melting away. Peace and solitude are rare and valuable things in today’s world, so finding them wherever you can is vital for everyone. I, as many others do, find it in the open road and through my unique experience of riding.

With such a large displacement, I immediately noticed this is a very loud and powerful motorcycle. The throttle response is incredible and could be a little bit scary for some people. I found it had excellent torque and acceleration all the way through the gears at low or high RPMs. This is not a bike for beginners. Be prepared to have to hold on tight with a bike like this. I found the handling to also be exceptional for a bike of this size and weight. It leaned over smoothly and effortlessly. I could feel it gripping the road in the corners. The braking threshold was great on this machine, which is super important when riding with this kind of power.

Overall, this was a very fun bike to ride. A very powerful yet relaxing ride, with a very capable engine, nice upright riding position. I could comfortably ride this all day. Some of the drawbacks I found were having absolutely no storage and very limited options available for this bike, and yes, the aforementioned missing gas gauge! Some of the pluses are the cost and reliability of this model. If speed and comfort are important attributes for you, then I would definitely rank this among the more interesting models in the sport/cruiser class

Make: Yamaha

Model: Roadstar Warrior

Engine: 1698cc Fuel injected, belt drive, air-cooled

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