Choosing a Bumper

Ford Raptor Aftermarket Bumper

There are a lot of choices when it comes to aftermarket bumpers, and a lot depends on the make and model of your vehicle. Most pickup truck owners start looking for a replacement bumper because they require more lights to see or a winch to pull themselves out if they get stuck. With today’s technology, LED lights are all the rage, and when it comes to off-road lighting, you need the latest bumpers to provide protected mounting points. The new Dee Zee by Kelderman front and rear bumpers offer built-in mounts to fit a variety of LED lights. The front bumper also has a center slot to accommodate a 22” light bar and heavy-duty shackles to work with a tow strap. The optional winch plate can be used for up to a 16,500lb winch. The rear bumpers have two notches cut out to provide a step on each corner to help bed access.  These bumpers are extreme duty and would look good on any new truck.

N-fab is one of the leaders in cutting-edge design. These master fabricators create unique bumpers and tube products for your vehicle.  If you enjoy watching the desert race trucks compete and want that look for your own truck, then check out They offer a variety of pre-runner front bumpers that are both functional and stylish. Enough space to mount most off-road lights and strong enough to protect against any brush you may encounter on the back roads. With a wide range of products and applications, they are sure to have the right fit for your vehicle.

Road Armor bumpers are armor for your truck. There are some unique differences between these bumpers.  Providing areas for light bars but moving the lights in the bumper a little further back giving a bit more protection while allowing the light to still function.  The full grill guard is beefy and gives a truck an aggressive look. Anchor points for shackles and an area for winch fitment are standard. A new take on the Texas style full bumper called Vaquero is a true cowboy look.

Iron Cross bumpers are designed to contour the space previously occupied by your original bumper. They are shaped very well and fit very nice leaving little gaps as possible. Slot provided for a hawse fairlead or a roller fairlead and mounting plate to fit up to a 16,500lb winch. The logo is cut into the bumper using a CNC machine for a clean look; this also provides airflow while driving. Matching HD rear bumpers are also available.

Smittybilt have been building bumpers since the late 70’s, and if you are a Jeep JK owner, you probably have seen one or two around your neighborhood. There are endless designs available for Jeeps. You can choose from simple winch mounts or more complicated rock crawling bumpers. The XRC bumper features a winch mount with a raised light bar. The bumper is designed to give you maximum clearance with improved approach angles for four wheeling. Two shackle mounts provide a strong anchor point to pull or drag your Jeep from most sticky situations.  

Driving up to the cabin or working on your own farm usually means encountering something along the way that you may not normally see but can jump up and smash that expensive grill or worst poke a hole through your radiator. Steelcraft has a bumper that will keep you protected. This bumper features a full grill guard that has mesh in the center and wrap around headlight protectors. The lower portion of this bumper is a bulletproof, schedule 40 pipe, contoured steel bumper that has light provisions, front receiver mount that will accept a portable winch and can mow down just about anything that comes in your way.

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There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to choosing a bumper. Looking through magazines or using the internet is a good starting point. Find something that suits your needs and appeals to you. Make your truck your own and customize it the way you want to.

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